Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Real Estate Marketing

Having the greatest product to sell, yet being unable to attract customers, is the definition of ineffective marketing. Worse still is bad marketing, which is actually better than no marking.

No matter how good of a real estate agency you are, no matter how many great listings you have, without proper marketing, potential buyers and sellers will not be able to reach you. Most people go online when they are looking for a real estate agency. Thus, employing the power of the internet is optimal strategy for effective marketing.

There are a number of ways you can incorporate the internet and technology in your real estate marketing. For now, we have broken it down to three basics.

1. Website

Everyone understands that you have to have a website. There are hardly any businesses left that can operate without a proper website. This is literally the first thing every potential customer searches for. But having a website as a formality or a simple necessity is not enough.

Since there are specific people for building websites, many businesses tend to leave it to them. While it’s a good idea to trust a professional, don’t hesitate to give as much detail and feedback as needed. No one knows your business, what you do and what you can do, better than yourself. When you get your website built, try to be as involved as possible.

Think of it as preparing your office. When your client walks in, how do your office setting, surroundings, presence, behavior, and knowledge impact them? Your website does the same for your business. If it is generic and characterless, your clients are more likely to dismiss it.

2. Online Presence

Most people mistake having a website as having a proper online presence. A website does put you online, but you are just there, on the sidelines or hidden in the shadows. People don’t know about unless they specifically search for you. This is where online presence comes in.

Thanks to social media, connecting with people has become much easier. Use these social networking sites to increase your online presence, and let people know you are there as well as what you do. Social networking sites can help you in a number of ways. Posting photographs, sharing listings, providing information, and being part of communities and communication all helps to increase your online presence.

The number of people connected to you online can translate to a significant fraction of that number being your customers, or your word-of-mouth advertisers, which is just as desirable.

3. Photography and Virtual Tours

Just like amazing content is necessary for your website, amazing photographs are just as important. They actually showcase your products. Most people nowadays prefer to do as much research before making the biggest financial decision of their lives. That is, buying or selling their property.

This research means that they will look through tens to hundreds of houses online before going for one visit. Great and honest professional photographs and aerial photography for checking out potential curb appeal can be very effective. Similarly, video tours or virtual tours allow your clients to go through multiple properties in a very short amount of time.


With all the tech and marketing strategies, it is important to understand that real estate is a business of trust. All your marketing content and photography should be as honest as possible. Otherwise, you may have many first time clients and no repeat ones.